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Basic Training for Tree Climbers DVD Set - English

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International tree climbing champs Ken Palmer and Rip Tompkins team up with veteran climbing instructor Robert Phillips to demonstrate the skills required to become a top-production tree climber.

Five DVD set includes:

1 Getting Started
 Pros and cons of the various types of climbing gear, the importance of a daily gear inspection and pre-climb inspection of the tree and site and how to tie important knots and climbing hitches.

2 Rope Installation and Ascending
 Techniques for installing a throwline with detailed instruction in body thrust & footlock climbing.

3 Climbing Spurs
  Selecting, fitting and maintaining spurs and proper spur climbing technique.

4 Tying-In and Positioning
  Selecting a tie-in point that is safe and effective, how to advance the climbing line and use the personal lanyard and how to install and use a false crotch or redirect.

5 Working the Tree
  How to re-crotch and double crotch and techniques for limb walking.

5.5 ISA CEUs and 5.5 CTSP CEUs Available

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Includes Basic Training For Tree Climbers 5 DVD Set & Tree Care Academy Tree Climber Specialist workbook

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