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ANSI Standard Z133.1 2012 - Safety Requirements - English

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The American National Standard for Arboricultural Operations - Safety Requirements, or ANSI Z133.1 • 2012, is developed by the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) Z133. It is a comprehensive safety standard written by arborists for the arboriculture profession. It applies to employers and employees engaged in arboricultural operations.
Although compliance with this standard is voluntary, Z133 carries the force of law in many instances in the U.S. When OSHA cannot find language in its own standards to guide safe work practices in a particular situation, they will typically cite a section of Z133 as what the employer, “…should have known or done” to create a safe work environment for its employees.

Best Practices for Crane Use in Arboriculture - 3rd Edition

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Now in its third edition, this popular manual from TCIA combines practical experience, technical knowledge and regulatory guidance for crane use in tree care operations. Crane Best Practices:
- Provides the collective experience of professional crane operators and arborists who are recognized experts in crane operations
- Illustrates fundamental principles of crane selection, set-up and operation
- Demonstrates important "how-to's" beyond basic tree/crane industry standards
- Furnishes an extensive, pull-out green log weight chart for easy reference in the field
Softcover, Wire-bound, 60 pages

Best Practices for Rigging in Arboriculture, 2nd Ed English

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This authoritative manual from TCIA helps marry the accepted standards and principles of tree rigging to specific applications. Fully illustrated, with extensive contribution from recognized experts. Features in-depth discussions of hazard tree inspection, rigging methods, equipment, forces and friction, crew safety, and more.

Best Practices for SRT in Arboriculture

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The Best Practices for SRT in Arboriculture is now in its second Edition. This latest version of the SRT Best Practices includes updated photos as well as a printed and digital (CD) directory of SRT-compatible climbing equipment and equipment suppliers. Much of the technical information remains the same with an emphasis on production climber safety when using the SRT systems.

Best Practices for Stump Grinder Operations in Arboriculture

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Stump grinding usually falls to the least trained person on the crew. An untrained person running a heavy, expensive machine - usually alone - will quickly find there is much more to safe stump grinding operations than simply unloading it and starting it up. The Best Practices of Stump Grinding Operations in Arboriculture is the missing link between safe, productive stump grinding, and lost time/revenue due to property damage or injuries. This guidebook reveals essential information about stump grinding operations that untrained personnel would not consider: grinding operations on a slope, traveling or moving the grinder over snow or mud, the care and feeding of grinder knives to prevent injuries, preventing property damage, grinding near underground utilities, etc. Send your newly trained stump grinder operator into the field with all the tools they will need to complete the job to the customer's satisfaction as well as the bottom line.

Rigging for Removal 2-DVD Set

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This 2-DVD set focuses on techniques and equipment that tree workers can apply in the field. The "Rigging Team" is made up of experts Don Blair, Ken Johnson and Robert Phillips. Includes Basic Rigging and Technical Rigging.

Hazard Tree-Risk Assessment & Mitigation (DVD Format)

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Contains a model job briefing, advanced rigging and risk mitigation techniques, and the latest methods to qualify and quantify hidden defects. This DVD learning tool contains brilliant, full motion video and more than 50 narrated slides with embedded animations. You can navigate instantly to any section, use slow-motion to make a point, or freeze a frame during question and answer all with a clarity and sharpness far beyond VHS tape. Up to 3 ISA CEUs.

TCIA Pocket Guide Set of 5

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TCIA Pocket Guides

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These affordable field guides put needed information at your employees' fingertips. Loaded with pictures and charts, they are great on-the-job reference tools. Use as a companion to ANSI Z133 Standards.

Green Log Weight Chart

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The green log weight chart is a handy quick reference guide to 66 different tree species with weights per cubic foot as well as weights of one foot trunk/limb sections for 14 to 72 inches in diameter. Refer to this chart when rigging down large sections of trees either by rope or crane.

How to Survive an OSHA Inspection

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This booklet covers:

--·Preparing for an inspection,
--·The opening conference,
--·The inspection,
--·The closing conference,
--·Important time frames,
--·Things that must be posted,
-- Records that may be requested,
--·The 20 most frequently cited OSHA standards in tree care,
--·PPE policy and procedure,
--·Aerial lift policy & procedure
--·The logging standard,
--·The general duty clause,
--·Electric power generation, transmission & distribution,
--·Hazard communication policy & procedure,
--·Lockout/tag out policy & procedure,
--·OSHA recordkeeping requirements, and
--·OSHA compliance assistance

ANSI Z133.1 2012 - Safety Requirements - Spanish

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La Norma Nacional Americana para Operaciones Arboricultural - Requisitos de seguridad o ANSI Z133.1 - 2012, es desarrollado por el Comité de Normas Acreditado (ASC) Z133. Es un estándar global de seguridad por escrito por arbolistas para la profesión de la arboricultura. Se aplica a los empleadores y los empleados que participan en operaciones de arboricultura.
Aunque el cumplimiento de esta norma es voluntaria, Z133 lleva la fuerza de la ley en muchos casos en los EE.UU. Cuando OSHA no puede encontrar un lenguaje en sus propias normas para orientar las prácticas seguras de trabajo en una situación particular, se suele citar una sección del Z133 como lo que el empleador "... debería haber sabido o hecho" para crear un ambiente de trabajo seguro para sus empleados.

Best Practices for Rigging in Arboriculture 1st Ed - Spanish

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This manual from TCIA helps marry the accepted standards and principles of tree rigging to specific applications. Fully illustrated, with extensive contributions from recognized experts. Best practices include in-depth topics such as hazard tree inspection, rigging methods, equipment, forces and friction, crew safety, and more.